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The Terminal List

The Terminal List

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Based on the best-selling books written by Jack Carr, a retired Navy SEAL from real life. James Reese, a Navy SEAL Lt Commander, miraculously escapes a vicious assault that would have killed his whole unit, and the tale revolves around him. He is the only one to have survived the cover-up, and it turns out that there is a conspiracy at work. They had no clue how far a driven SEAL would go when they had nothing to lose and are out for retaliation.

Investigating why his whole battalion was ambushed during a crucial secret mission is a former Navy SEAL commander. After James Reece’s entire Navy SEAL team is ambushed during a crucial secret mission, the series follows him. With mixed recollections of the incident and doubts about his guilt, Reece visits his family at home. Reece learns that evil powers are at work against him as more evidence comes to light, risking not just his life but also the lives of people he loves.

Throughout the whole series, The Terminal List will have you on the edge of your seat with its action-packed conflict. It boasts an amazing cast, lead by Chris Pratt, and has outstanding performances from the likes of Taylor Kitsch, Riley Keough, Jai Courtney, Constance Wu, JD Pardo, and Jeanine Tripplehorn, to name a few. Without a strong show, you won’t attract that level of star power (particularly Pratt) for a television program. This program has plenty of action, but it’s not just mindless action; it has a strong plot that keeps you interested the entire time.

The only two remaining members of James Reece’s (Pratt) Navy Seals platoon are him and his friend. When he tells his supervisors what occurred after suffering a concussion, they correct him and offer their own version of what really transpired. They keep assuring him he’s mistaken and that the trauma is the reason he can’t recall, but the problem goes far deeper than that. Only his friend (Kitsch) still believes him. It turns out that he is correct and that Reece, a distinguished and esteemed soldier, is the target of an agenda by the US government. What is the government attempting to defend? Once more, it’s a fantastic action program that will keep you thoroughly delighted!

“The Terminal List” is a perfect example of creative individuals working on a project they care about and are involved in, both in front of and behind the camera. Additionally, and maybe most significantly, this is a superbly made series that was expertly written, directed, cast, and performed. It testifies to the success of the series that it attracts viewers like myself, who have not read the source material, to this universe and people. It is based on the works by James Carr.  

The pilot/first episode, which was directed by Antoine Fuqua himself, deserves special note since it serves as a masterclass in how to properly launch a program and establish the mood. Without a sure, Chris Pratt stands out in this, but he is not the only one.

As well as those not specifically listed here, Taylor Kitsch, Constance Wu, JD Pardo, Riley Keough, Jane Tripplehorn, and Jay Courtney all do well in their individual parts. The action scenes, soundtrack, and cinematography all perfectly wrap up the whole thing.

The Terminal List is a very good show on its own terms and level with good and detailed storyline plots and sub plots, committed professional acting by the entire cast led by Chris Pratt’s character, sort of breathtaking action sequences with nice quality attention to details, a semi enthralling flow and vibe complemented with occasionally touching family sequences, all to the credit of the limited for now series, unless there are subsequent seasons. All of the above are charming, skilled, and engaging, with committed acting.

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Is the terminal good for kids?

Drinking, smoking, and mention of drug trafficking. Parents should be aware that the brief harsh language in this film contributes to its pg-13 rating.

What does “The Terminal List” mean?

He creates his “terminal list” by taking Lucy’s painting of his family and writing Holder’s name on the reverse.

What can we learn from the film The Terminal?

Viktor Navorski survives in a strange nation without a passport by holding onto the belief that everything would work out.

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