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Emily In Paris

Emily In Paris

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Emily In Paris
Emily In Paris
Lily Collins plays ambitious marketing executive Emily Cooper in the show. Emily Cooper is an American who relocates to Paris in order to provide a French marketing agency an American perspective. She struggles to overcome obstacles in her profession, love life, and friendships while in Paris.


When her employer purchases a French luxury marketing firm, Emily, a driven twenty-something marketing professional from Chicago, unintentionally obtains her dream job in Paris. She is given the responsibility of updating the company’s social media strategy. As she juggles winning over her work colleagues, establishing friends, and navigating new romances, Emily’s new existence in Paris is full of exhilarating thrills and unexpected problems.

Following Emily Cooper, a late-20s American college grad from Chicago with a Master’s degree in communication, Emily in Paris follows Emily as she relocates to Paris for an unanticipated work opportunity. She is charged with giving a legendary French marketing company an American perspective and social media presence. As she balances her work, new friendships, and a busy love life while adjusting to the obstacles of living in Paris, cultures collide.

The most insulting program is without a doubt “Emily in Paris”. During a takeover of a Parisian marketing organization, a stupid American with no understanding of French (or European) culture is given the chance of a lifetime to work overseas and demonstrate to the French how Americans do it. She doesn’t understand culture, doesn’t speak French, and considers a croissant to be gourmet cuisine. She nevertheless serves as these frogs’ lantern in every episode. Every woman wants to be her friend (or worst enemy), and every guy wants to have sex with her. She keeps the business from going under every week.

There is some amusing humor in this. The jokes about her being a fish out of water or having a culture shock grow thin though after the first time a coworker asks her “why are you shouting” at a staff meeting. That is all the humor the program can conjure.

Emily is abominable. Her Instagram account is made up. She has 20,000 followers after posting three images of herself duckfacing and seeming to bite into a pain au chocolat. She criticizes a director for using a naked model to promote perfume in one episode. She sneakily takes pictures of women outside of a gym in the first few seconds of that show, making fun of the fact that they are smoking after a spin class. And not once does she get criticism for her incompetence, conceit, or stupidity. Well, her boss’s exception. Emily gets to stick it in her boss’ face every week when she wins since her employer is an old Parisian witch.

There is no greater interest in the supporting cast. Mindy, a spoiled Chinese heiress, is only concerned with Emily’s life. One of her cringe-worthy moments was singing the simplest French tune in the midst of the city. She sounds like a pre-recorded session, and all other sound stops when she’s there, so apparently residents stop to watch. If I were there, I would give her a Euro so she would stop talking. See, the Parisians are only impolite when Emily is about; otherwise, they will stop, listen, and praise a scarcely clad nanny singing “La Vie En Rose” in a simple manner. A chef who lives next door to Emily first comes across as grumpy, according to his prostrating girlfriend, but quickly develops an obsession with her.

Emily will inevitably become involved in that drama. The chef is always accessible when she needs him for help with her emotions or her job, and he may even work as a model on the side. Unless, of course, she’s living with someone else in which case he pouts like a battered puppy and she’s nasty and dismissive.

Cast Of Movie

Lily Collins, Emily Cooper, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Sylvie Grateau, Ashley Park, Mindy Chen, Samuel Arnold, Julien and Bruno Gouery.


What is Emily in Paris trying to say?

Instead, Emily’s tale is about leading a life free from fear without suffering any penalties. And even if she leads a life lacking in intellectual curiosity, Emily in Paris never holds her accountable for it, nor do we ever see her consider how her actions could have come off as humiliating.

What aspect of Emily in Paris is most implausible?

The portrayal of Paris as a flat, gleaming location where, even when things go wrong, they’ll be okay in the end is one of the show’s most absurd elements (apart from the absence of the metro).

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