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Teen Wolf: The Movie 2023

Teen Wolf: The Movie 2023

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The first three seasons of the TV series Teen Wolf were particularly strong, with season 3 being particularly outstanding. Seriously, Teen Wolf’s third season had no business being as wonderful as it was. Seasons 4-6 were alright—not spectacular, nor horrible. It’s essentially the same as The Teen Wolf Movie. This film has several excellent moments scattered throughout, but as a whole, it struggles in many ways. Even if it’s not horrible, it simply seems like 2.5 hours of 2 episodes of the original program. It doesn’t seem like a movie due to the director and extremely strange cutting.

This “movie” feels hurried despite being 2.5 hours long, especially the opening 30 minutes. We frequently switch between our previous primary characters and don’t actually spend much time with them throughout the course of their daily lives. The movie could have spent a little more time showing us what these wonderful folks have been up to over the previous five or seven years. Action-wise, not much happens until the last act, and even then, the scenes are pretty unimpressive. Throughout the whole film, Scott, Malia, Derek, Peter, Chris, and Lydia do virtually nothing. Essentially the primary character in this story is Allison.

Although she isn’t horrible and the method they used to bring her back wasn’t particularly fantastical by Teen Wolf standards, I believe they spent too much time with her rather than with our main heroes. In light of this, I think this film should have been a miniseries with perhaps six episodes. to a little better develop the plot.

Cast Of Movie

The characters in the episode were what made it so great. With the exception of Allison, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Coach, and Sheriff Stilinski are all fantastic, yet they feel so underutilized in this situation. Many of the important characters from the original show are only there for show, such as Jackson and Mason, who don’t accomplish anything.

Jackson, in my opinion, was merely added to the cast to serve as a sort of stand-in for Stiles as the comedic relief. Which therefore gets me to my greatest grumble. Not a Stile. (Sigh). We all knew Dylan wouldn’t be returning, so I anticipated the movie would seem hollow without him, and that’s exactly how it is. This movie lacks passion and seems empty without Stiles. Stiles, who was so crucial to the season 3 plotline, cannot be absent while bringing back the finest antagonists from the series. It’s just not logical.

His justification for not showing up was also quite weak. This film included a major death, which I anticipated months in advance but handled poorly. I didn’t get the emotional feeling I was hoping for. Just hurried, and by the time it was through, I had lost all feeling. It was also annoying to have Kira replaced with a cardboard cutout. Hikari was obviously meant to be Kira, so when this random girl suddenly appears, we don’t feel anything at all. She also gets little screen time with Liam, which might be aggravating given that the movie wants us to think they are a relationship.

These are the primary drawbacks of the film. Although it may appear like I’m praising this movie excessively, there are actually a lot of positive aspects to it. Tyler in particular does excellent work as an actor. Since the first season, he has significantly improved his acting abilities, and he does a superb job of portraying his emotion and suffering on television. Despite being few, the battle sequences are excellently captured. Once more, the Nogitsune is a fantastic bad guy. They handled everything really nicely, and the villain gains even more notoriety if you review the events in seasons 1-3.

There are also several incredibly touching sequences with Scott and Allison, some of which may cause you to choke up. One of the finest TV romances ever, their on-screen chemistry during the original series was fantastic. Additionally, Teen Wolf The Movie does a respectable job at it. Overall, the film is better than most TV show-to-movie adaptations, however, it’s still fine. More battle sequences would have been advantageous if it had been a miniseries, but it’s still entertaining to watch. You will undoubtedly appreciate this if you like the original program.


Why wasn’t Stiles back in the film?

In the end, it was behind-the-scenes activities more than the initial screenplay that prevented Stiles from appearing in the Teen Wolf movie.

Why did Lydia and Stiles break up?

Let’s add that Lydia broke up with Stiles in order to protect him before Stydia shippers start to riot:

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