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Sympathy For The Devil 2023

Sympathy For The Devil 2023

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In Las Vegas, David Chamberlain works as a regular blue-collar employee for a shipping firm. He is from Tucson originally. Due to issues during birth, he and his wife Maggie lost their firstborn, a girl. Years later, David has a little boy whom he gets along well with. He is aware of his sister’s fate even though his parents have kept it a secret from him. On the way to the hospital, where Maggie would soon give birth to their third child, David drops off his kid at his grandmother’s house. He rushes because he is worried about what happened to their first kid.

A odd man with a red suit and red hair is staring at him in the labor and delivery department from the hospital parking lot. This guy climbs into the backseat and demands David pick up a card at gunpoint before David can pull into a parking spot. Clearly intoxicated, the stranger accurately anticipates his choosing an ace of spades. Then, because he enjoys the nighttime lights, he compels David to start the automobile and drive into the Strip. David, who shudders at the sight of the pistol, is merely instructed to keep driving without being given a location.

David informs the guy that he stopped drinking years ago, and the man makes an educated guess that it was around 15 years ago. David responds that he has gone to Boston once for work when the man asks whether he has ever been. The stranger warns David that if he doesn’t follow his instructions, both his wife and son might suffer damage.

David attempts to subtly approach a woman filling up a nearby automobile at a gas station. She appears concerned but chooses not to interfere. The stranger observes this but is understanding of David because he was only trying to take a gamble. He explains that his mother is a patient at the Boulder City Hospital and is dying of lung cancer. He has to be driven to the hospital by David so he may give her last rites.

David catches a glimpse of a police cruiser passing by at one point. He makes the decision to drive quickly in the hopes that the policeman will catch them going too fast and he can get rid of the stranger. As anticipated, the police vehicle began indicating to David to stop. The guy forbids David from pulling over on the motorway and forces him to turn into a neighborhood. In order to protect his wife and kids from any negative repercussions, he begs David not to even allude to his hostage situation.

The intruder purposefully agitates the policeman, shoots him, and then grabs his handcuffs. David finds this shocking. When the stranger gets back in the vehicle, he gathers himself, and he decides not to take the wheel. This is ineffective, and he comes to the realization that he must comply with the demands of the stranger who, according to what David presumably originally believed, is not just a barking dog.

It’s clear that the stranger has something special in mind for David and isn’t just employing him as his designated driver. He reveals to David at one point that their destination is actually a private airport in Boulder City. There is a man waiting for David who can’t wait to meet him. The man at the airfield could not wait that long, so he was going to have David drive all the way to Boston. David believes that he has the incorrect person because the stranger seems to have no idea what he is talking about.

The visitor had been residing in South Boston for about fifteen years; he was originally from Brooklyn. He was working for an Irish-American called Jacob Sullivan who had an alcohol use issue. He began looking after one of Sullivan’s associates’ accounts and is a member of the Boston mob. This Sullivan buddy was embezzling his money. Around this time, the accountant met his future wife, they were married, and they had a daughter.

Sullivan forced the accountant, our stranger, to extend an invitation to him at his home after learning of the associate’s con. So that they could spend time alone together, he sent his wife and daughter away. When this acquaintance had consumed enough alcohol, Sullivan’s men entered and shot him in the back of the head. Unfortunately, the accountant’s wife, who was supposed to be gone, entered and saw this murder in progress. She was extremely traumatized, so she turned to alcohol and drugs. She began sharing the details of the murder with anybody who would listen, which caused Sullivan to have issues.

Cast Of Movie

Nicolas Cage as The Passenger, Joel Kinnaman as The Driver, Alexis Zollicoffer as the Waitress, Cameron Lee Price as the Cop, Oliver McCallum as the Boy, Burns Burns as the Owner, Rich Hopkins as the Trucker, Nancy Good as Grandma, and Kaiwi Lyman as Colleague.


What is the Sympathy for the Devil’s premise?

A guy finds himself in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse after being compelled to transport a strange passenger at gunpoint. It soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems. Retaliation is a wild journey.

Is Vietnam addressed in Sympathy for the Devil?

Don’t forget him, sing the song “Sympathy for the Devil.” If you confront him, his employment is over. The song was released at the ideal moment, with the Vietnam War still raging, protests sweeping across America, and the killing of Martin Luther King, Jr. still fresh in people’s minds.

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