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Sharper 2023

Sharper 2023

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We meet “Tom” as “Sharper” (2023 release; 116 minutes) begins. He manages (and perhaps owns?) a secondhand and rare book shop in Manhattan. When a customer enters, we discover that she is NYU Ph. D. student Sandra. Tom asks her out to dinner after they click. Less than 10 minutes have passed since the beginning of the film.

This is Benjamin Caron, a British director,’s most recent film. In this chapter, he presents us with a psychological thriller involving a scam. I won’t go into further detail regarding the movie’s narrative because it is so dense, but I will state in general that it is difficult to figure out who is deceiving whom until the very last scene. In other words, you are watching a movie in which you are completely unaware of what is occurring. Despite receiving the most attention, Julianna Moore doesn’t appear in the film until around halfway through. Her partner, John Lithgow, is incredibly wealthy. As Sandra, Briana Middleton excels. The film has a sophisticated aesthetic and occasionally seems neo-noir.

“Sharper” had a very constrained one-week theatrical run in the US before beginning to stream on Apple TV this past weekend. Just last night, I watched it. I’d happily recommend you see it and form your own opinion if you’re in the mood for a good thriller that doesn’t achieve anything groundbreaking.

A chic thriller that attempts to emulate the tone of a David Mamet screenplay from the 1980s but fails to successfully execute the tough-talking puzzle movie genre. The movie tells the narrative of Tom, a quiet young guy played by Justice Smith, who develops feelings for Sandra, a stunning woman. However, the plot devolves into a series of scams and double-crosses when Sandra confesses that her brother is struggling and requires significant money.

Although the movie is entertaining to watch and features a slew of betrayals and surprises, the conversation falls short of taking the movie beyond its basic plot and character arcs. A successful thriller must have a gritty tone, which the movie lacks in favor of its too-elegant production and lack of danger.

For those who appreciate thrillers, “Sharper” is nonetheless a respectable distraction despite its weaknesses, and the brilliant ensemble, particularly newcomer Briana Middleton, turns in compelling performances. “Sharper” is a wonderful option if you’re searching for a movie you can watch without giving it much thought and enjoy a lot of surprises.

Ironic considering that these movies were essentially made to be the least predictable of all the genres. They were made with the intention of startling you with a dozen different turns, each more shocking than the previous. But as soon as viewers realized that everything wasn’t as it looked, the movies stopped being as entertaining.

Anyway, let’s get back to “Sharper.” In various sections, we get to view the movie from the perspective of each character. For a movie like this, the format is excellent. We are always receiving new knowledge, but we are also viewing stuff we previously believed we already understood from a new and different perspective. The audience is kept engaged and on their toes admirably.

The dialogue, actors, and timing of the movie are all excellent. Even though there aren’t many action scenes, the two hours will go by quickly. I thought “Sharper” was an excellent overall effort for a genre that some people could perceive as dead.

Sharper is a con-thriller that is expertly filmed and is structured as a four-part miniseries. However, because it is just a two-hour movie, it fails in its attempts to pique our interest in any of its heroes’ final victories. I sat back wanting everyone to screw each other over once it was established early in the second chapter that everyone is grey-shaded and dishonest. For what it’s worth, the film directed by Benjamin Caron provides just that!

Despite the increasingly implausible developments, the movie never fails to hold your attention due to the compelling performances of Julianne Moore and Sebastian Stan. If someone is prepared to make it happen, I’d also want to see Briana Middleton and Justice Smith in a plain romantic comedy. If you’ve seen other con-thrillers or paid close enough attention to the events in this one, the climactic surprise should be obvious. A24 employees, you can do better!

Cast Of Film

Julianne Moore, Sebastian Stan, Justice Smith, Briana Middleton, John Lithgow, Darren Goldstein, Hannah Dunne, And Elizabeth Chappel.


What’s the main point of Sharper 2023?

As a scam artist targets Manhattan billionaires, motives are dubious and expectations are shattered.

Is Sharper suitable for children?

The MPAA has given Sharper an R rating due to some sexual themes and general coarse language. Violence: A guy receives a swat. An individual is shot. Couples are shown kissing passionately in the sexual content.

Where does sharper take place?

In the neo-noir thriller Sharper, which is set in the bedrooms, bars, and boardrooms of New York City, nobody is exactly who they seem to be. A high-stakes game of ambition, money, passion, and rivalry among characters keeps spectators guessing right up until the very end.

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