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Perfect Addiction 2023

Perfect Addiction 2023

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A poisonous relationship between an MMA fighter named Jax and his trainer, Sienna, is depicted in the opening scene of “Perfect Addiction”. Eventually, Jax cheats on her with her sister Beth, and they split up. As her buddy Brent suggests staying at his adopted brother Kayden’s residence, Sienna departs the apartment they shared. After being sent away when she swings by, she decides to teach Kayden to be stronger than Jax as a condition for being allowed to remain after learning that he will be facing Jax. Sparks fly and she finds herself falling for another boxer as she prepares him for the rematch while working him out day and night.

Seeing an Asian male lead portray a powerful, seductive, macho, and romantic character was incredibly delightful. Very uncommon and great. The connection Ross Butler and Kiana Madiera share makes it easy to sell both the relationship and the mixed martial arts (MMA) training.

Sienna is an MMA coach who works out of the gym owned by Julian, a well-known former MMA fighter who serves as Sienna’s surrogate father. She attends classes while working with customers to earn a business degree so she can someday partner with Julian in the gym. When she learns that Jax, their greatest client and lover, is having an affair with her young sister Beth, everything seems to be going according to plan. Her acquaintance, who is in desperate need of a cheap somewhere to stay, directs her to Kayden and a room in a basement apartment.

Until Jax appears on the scene, Kayden ends up being a successful MMA fighter in illegal underground battles. Later on, Sienna becomes both his trainer and housemate. Sienna is also coming to terms with how destructive her relationship with Jax actually was—how he misled her and stopped her from following her own ambitions. Sienna is preparing Kayden in the hopes of getting back at Jax.

MMA tale with a lot of testosterone, a tough female, and a strong message about girls being able to succeed on their own. The message about women being appreciated for more than simply their appearance, such as their ability to take a face hit in a battle, is equally strong. Although it might not be to everyone’s taste, I thought it was good. As a die-hard romantic, I believe this will resonate with other romantics. It also has the advantage of showing off a physically strong and fit Asian guy, which is uncommon in Western movies.

The fight scenes in this movie showed some promise; the actors were quite genuine in both their performances and the bouts; the choreography wasn’t horrible; and the character of Sienna was plausible enough as a trainer. just not as a devoted partner. They rapidly became elderly. Girl is seduced by a wicked boy. Aww, shucks.

The voice-over was the major issue; it really kind of ruined the movie for me since it was so childish and sounded like it belonged to someone who was emotionally immature and had an obsessive personality. This was a really forgettable movie altogether; it was quite difficult to feel pity for that individual.

Despite cheating on Sienna with her impressionable younger sister Beth, Jax tries to re-enter her life when he sees an opportunity. Jax is nonetheless rejected but also pardoned, as previously. Jax is close to being forgiven of his transgressions by Sienna, and she is ready to move on. Instead of only teaching warriors, she intends to concentrate on becoming a fighter herself, and with Julian on her side, she feels prepared.

But Julian won’t be alone himself. After splitting up with Jax, Beth is also pardoned and allowed back into the group. Despite the desertion, Kayden returns, and it appears that Sienna’s forgiveness of him may enable him back into her heart.

Cast Of Movie

Kiana Madeira. Sienna Lane, Matthew Noszka. Jax Deneris, Manu Bennett. Julian, Poppy Gilbert. Cara, Ryan Bown. Evans., Nicholas Duvernay. Brent Jacobs., Bree Winslow. Beth. And Castille Landon.


Is the conclusion of Perfect Addiction happy?

Even if worry frequently gets in the way, things do tend to turn out happily ever after in the end.

When was the release of Perfect Addiction?

When Is Perfect Addiction Available to Watch? On March 24, 2023, Perfect Addiction will be available on Amazon Prime Video. The movie has an R classification for profanity and sexual material, so it’s not one to see with the whole family, but it would be ideal for a date or a group of friends.

Does Kayden triumph over Jax?

Despite having his own problems to contend with and having previously lost to Jax, Kayden accepts Sienna’s offer because he wants to win. The plot is rather predictable, and there are some clichéd parts.

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