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Hidden Strike 2023

Hidden Strike 2023

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Hidden Strike 2023
Hidden Strike 2023
Along one of the world’s most hazardous routes, two ex-soldiers are constantly in peril.


In the 2023 film Hidden Strike, two special forces operatives who initially disagree must finally come together to defend a town and thwart an oil robbery.

Jackie Chan (Rush Hour), John Cena (Peacemaker), Chunrui Ma (The Fate of Swordsman), Wenli Jiang (And Spring Comes), and Pilou Asbaek (Overlord) feature in this film, which was directed by Scott Waugh (Act of Valor).

What would a John Cena and Jackie Chan collaboration look like? It would be awful, as we now know. Despite the excellent quality CGI, it is overused and makes the majority of the film resemble a video game. This movie is too pristine in every way—too much makeup, flawless hair, no perspiration, etc. The sets appear to be sets. With the exception of a few funny one-liners, the conversation is awful. A baseball scene in this film receives a 0/10 and is excruciatingly terrible. Even the antagonist lacks the passion to pique your interest in what happens to him.

The hidden strike went well. It included some decent action sequences, and the key actors’ performance was mostly credible. The biggest issue with this movie, in my opinion, is that it just appears false. Numerous sections employ cgi, but it simply feels strange, especially in the bus scene. As Jackie Chan transports them to safety, John Cena portrays the head of a tram ordered to remove a scientist from a refugee bus. Until they cooperate to defeat the ultimate villain, the two loathe each other. Although their names Luo Feng and Chris Van Home are odd, I am more interested in their adequate performing. We also engage in ma-playing. She has some good movements in addition to being extremely attractive. Overall, Hidden Strike is a good film. Even if it wasn’t the best, it was still decent.

Although it really isn’t saying much, HIDDEN STRIKE is one of Jackie Chan’s better recent movies; still, I would only rank THE FOREIGNER ahead of it. In this Hollywood-Chinese co-production, the actor partners up with former wrestler John Cena, who is now a friendly and entertaining figure in the action genre, to defeat some Middle Eastern mercenaries. There is plenty of opportunity for absurd automobile mayhem in this movie, much of it inspired by the MAD MAX movies, which is always entertaining. There is also enough of time for intense shooting and hand-to-hand combat. Although the comedy is less natural, there are several amusing sequences, and the foam battle stands out.

Cast Of Movie

Jackie Chan, John Cena, Pilou Asbaek, Ma Chun Rui, Gong Jun, Zhenwai Wang and more.


Why the release of Hidden Strike was delayed so much?

The difficulty of promoting an action movie starring Cena and Chan as well as the Chinese film industry’s preference for local movies may have contributed to the picture’s difficulty in getting a distribution.

Are children able to play Hidden Strike?

Parents should be aware that the action movie Hidden Strike, featuring Jackie Chan and John Cena, is set in the Middle East and contains intense violence.

Why did striking matter?

Strikes are a potent instrument that gives employees bargaining power to demand improved working conditions and fair compensation.

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