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Hanna Series

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The main concept is still the same: Hanna lives off the grid in the woods with her father-figure Erik. Hanna is portrayed by Esme Creed-Miles (Joel Kinnaman). Reviews for Howard Hanna have a 4.3 out of 5 rating. He has given her good instruction in survivalist techniques and keeps her ready for any outside threats.

Each season of Hanna has three main themes: in Season 1 childhood, in Season 2 adolescence and in Season 3 maturation. Hanna is the main characters in the series. 

We get a great glimpse at how our personalities and perspectives can be shaped and modified over time, whether it is via nature or nurture, through Hanna’s own childhood and development in the three-season arc. Hanna’s innocence in Season 1 draws you in as she awkwardly tries to make her way through the outer world after spending her whole childhood in a remote forest with her father. As she struggles to understand her own history and the real identity of her father, our hearts bleed for her. Then, without her father, Hanna begins to learn to let go of her own upbringing and allow herself to engage in her own interests in Season 2. She gains the ability to make her own judgements and begins to form her own morals.

Finally in Season 3, Hanna has reached adulthood. She has come to terms with her past and is determined to make sacrifices for the sake of the future. This adaptation of Hanna is unquestionably elevated by the core casting of Esmee Creed-Miles as Hanna, Mireille Enos as Marissa Weigler, and Joel Kinnaman as Erik Holder. The childish purity of Hanna is expertly portrayed by Esmee, and Joel and Mireille’s relationship is tangible on film (this is much more obvious if you have previously seen them for three seasons on The Killing). As viewers, you naturally pull for these three as their characters develop throughout the series since they so effectively personify their characters’ challenges and demand your attention every time they are on screen.

Anyone who contrasts this TV version with the film should be reminded that David Farr wrote the basis for both. Farr wanted to fill in the blanks that the film left, therefore this TV series was meant to be a reimagining of the film. This series immerses you in the Hanna universe with its engaging tale focused on the mysterious Utrax organization and its clandestine activities, from the stunning European landscapes and architecture depicted by the superb photography to the timely and powerful soundtrack.

Despite the scorching gunfights and frenzied chases through the bush, the human aspect is still at the center of the story. The characters are focused on completing their own missions, and they behave and speak with urgency and purpose. The paternal relationship between Erik and Hanna, and then later between Marissa and Hanna, will always stand out as the most endearing since it brings back memories of your own upbringing. Rarely do fictional characters make an impression on you long after the camera has stopped rolling, but it is heartbreaking to say goodbye to the Hanna universe after 22 episodes.

Hannah also performed admirably. She acted just as someone would in her predicament. The music was excellent. I believe that Amazon has won this one. Marissa Wiegler, please flash me another of those incredibly phony and lethal semi-corporate grins.

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What is unique about Hanna?

She has been genetically altered to be quicker and stronger than ordinary people. A super-soldier, she is. She was a baby girl in Erik and Joanna’s eyes, nevertheless.

What kind of show is Hanna?

High-concept thriller and coming-of-age drama combined.

Are Hanna’s abilities real?

Hanna is endowed with superhuman human talents, such as enhanced strength, speed, agility, senses, and the potential for rapid learning.

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