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Fear The Walking Dead

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Walking Dead
Tv Series
The reviews for the American horror television series Fear the Walking Dead, frequently abbreviated as “FTWD,” are incredible. Executive producers Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, and David Alpert work with showrunner Dave Erickson. In August 2015, the first season’s premiere took place.

A Los Angeles–based spinoff of The Walking Dead. depicts the efforts of two families to work together in order to survive the coming of the undead. The first three seasons are good. Although Season 4b had arguably the worst villain to ever “grace” television, the season as a whole was tolerable.

Only LA is used in Season 1 to follow Madison’s family throughout the epidemic. I adored the whole cast. We get to know Strand, David, and their families. They go sailing, and several endearing folks pass away.

Season 2, Still fantastic, they come upon a hotel full of guests though not all of them are actual people. Nick went on his own because he didn’t like that character all that much. also didn’t like Travis’ son. Season 3, they go to a different location where they engage more people who continue to like it.

Season 5 was total trash. The writing quality significantly declined. It was obvious that the new authors didn’t know how to develop the current characters, so they just kept creating new ones. The episodes started to include slapstick humor and action, and the characters started acting irrationally. Characters were only ever responding to the storyline, sometimes in odd and absurd ways, and the plot truly began to dominate the program.

Season 6 followed that. And what about that? It was great! The program seemed to be improving in some way. The characters were acting logically and consistently once again, and the storyline appeared to be more unified. There are still certain instances that may use improvement, but overall, the audience was given optimism by the improved trend.

Season 7. Strand is now a villain that speaks in monologues! Like the characters of Jenna Elfman and Dorie Sr., but with less time on screen. Despised Alicia in this, despised Strand in this, and despised what happened to her character. The “Charlie” persona is intolerable. Is Madison back? Will she be a positive addition to the show?

All of my hope was dashed with Season 7A. The quality of the program has reverted to that of Season 5, and one might even argue that it has become worse. The original cast members have all been eliminated.

This program is now unwatchable. Watch till season 3 and then stop if you want a serious drama with zombies. After that, nothing is worthwhile. It’s turned into a soap opera, complete with wicked twins and giggling archenemies. This is even a significant improvement over The Walking Dead’s historically terrible season 8 and its worst season. Season 8 is a gem in contrast. 

They took a powerful character portrayed by an excellent actress and turned her into a different generic persona who is acting quite differently from her former self. To take on this position, Kim Dickens must not have had much money. There are some interesting and colorful personalities in here. Simply put, it’s wonderful to witness a fantastic show develop into its own universe.

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What is unique in Fear the Walking Dead?

“Fear the Walking Dead” is not based on any previously published works.

Who are the main character in Fear the Walking Dead?

Alicia Clark, Morgan Jones, Madison Clark, Nick Clark, Travis Manawa, and Dwight.

What is the Fear the Walking Dead age rating?

It used to have a TV-14 classification, which was a stretch even back then, but it is now flat-out TV-MA, which is the equivalent of a R movie rating. 

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