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Bird Box Barcelona 2023

Bird Box Barcelona 2023

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Sebastián (Mario Casas) gives Anna (Naila Schuberth) a pair of skates as the movie opens and takes her to a skating rink. The two are having a great time skating together when suddenly they hear a loud noise coming from outside, which causes them to become aware.

They hastily leave, but someone swings an iron rod at Sebastián, striking him. He is attacked by three blind individuals, who leave him bleeding on the ground as they desperately look for food. Sebastián glances at Anna, who tells him not to harm them, and reaches for some shattered glasses to defend himself.

After leaving the arena, they discover a desolate, dystopian planet where an unknown entity is causing people to commit suicide by staring it in the eye. A news program playing in the background reports that the disease we witnessed in the Sandra Bullock-directed movie has engulfed the whole planet as they stroll through the city’s deserted streets.

Sebastián and Anna come upon a group of blindfolded individuals as they are traveling. Sebastián tells Anna to hide and promises to see whether they are nice people. In return for food and shelter, he approaches the gang and offers them the locations of generators he formerly worked on as an engineer.

The villagers debate whether or not to help him, but as they notice the thing approaching, they all hastily move to a safe location by utilizing a shopping cart that is fastened to the factory gates.

Sebastián and the others take off their blindfolds as they arrive at the secure location. Marcial takes Sebastián to Liliana, a medical professional who looks at his wounds. Sebastián finds a key-filled cabinet on the wall while they are there. Later, while eating, Sebastián is taken aback when he looks at a man with abnormal eyes. The man reveals that he deliberately went blind in order to render himself worthless in the presence of a group of individuals who are much more deadly than the beasts outside.

Sebastián slips inside the office where he saw the keys after dinner and reveals that the place they are staying is a sizable bus parking lot as everyone else retires inside a bus. Sebastián is trying several bus keys when Liliana finds him in the driver’s seat and wonders what he’s doing. Sebastián locks the doors on the driver’s side while she screams for him to stop.

Sebastián drives the bus around the parking area, trying to get out of the property, despite Liliana and Marcial’s attempts to stop him with an emergency axe. The bus collides with a group of old automobiles as Sebastián exits the parking lot through the main gates, causing a serious collision that almost kills everyone within.

Sebastián forces the crash survivors to open their eyes so they might be mesmerized by the beauty of the animals, which results in their demise. He seems to be in a trance as the survivors’ souls depart from their bodies and enter the afterlife.

It is unclear why Sebastián is acting the way he does, but we can understand his inner turmoil when his daughter Anna, who we now know is dead, holds his hand and assures him that he is doing the right thing by releasing these spirits. Anna claims that he will be reunited with her and his wife if he guides more of the survivors to their deaths.

Another flashback shows the fraction members breaking into Sebastián and Anna’s house. Anna jumps from the building after being forced to open her eyes. Sebastián opens his eyes as well, but his overwhelming sadness and wrath turn him into a weapon for the force that wants to take more lives. Unlike other regular people, Sebastián believes in the presence of the entity as a higher power, which allows him to see the members of the fraction.

The Bird Box epilogue Barcelona leads us to a medical facility designed exclusively for testing seer blood. They’ve apparently managed to catch one of the creatures, and after releasing it, they’ve been using lab rats to analyze blood samples from seers.

One of the seers seemed to be pleading with them to allow him to see the creature in the closing seconds. The creature is subsequently allowed to roam freely inside the confined chamber, but soon after, we hear the sound of rats dying, demonstrating that the vaccination is still ineffective and opening the way for other potential sequels.

Cast Of Movie

Mario Casas as Sebastián, Alejandra Howard as Anna, Georgina Campbell as Claire[, Naila Schuberth as Sofia, Diego Calva as Octavio, Leonardo Sbaraglia as Padre Esteban, Lola Dueñas as Isabel, Patrick Criado as Rafa, Gonzalo de Castro as Roberto, Michelle Jenner and Celia Freijeiro.


What should I be aware of before seeing Bird Box in Barcelona?

Parents should be aware that Bird Box Barcelona is a Spanish adaptation of the 2018 science fiction thriller based on Josh Malerman’s book of the same name. Similar levels of suspense and graphic violence are there despite the shift in setting and some storyline and character elements from the original movie.

Why is Sebastian in Bird Box Barcelona unaffected?

In Bird Box Barcelona, it is discovered that Seers are resistant to invisible creatures. As in Sebastián’s case, anguish from witnessing his wife die at the start of the invasion and then his daughter being killed by Padre Esteban. Their DNA has been affected by some amount of emotional stress.

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