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Latest Collection Of Battlefield Jacket 

A “Battlefield Jacket” typically refers to a type of military-style jacket that is designed for combat or outdoor activities. These jackets are often rugged and functional, offering features such as multiple pockets for storage, durability, and protection from the elements. While the specific design and features of a battlefield jacket can vary. Buy battlefield jackets from mojo jackets. 

The character wears this brown leather Billy Bridger jacket in the computer game called Battlefield 5. The outer layer of this garment is constructed from premium real leather. You are always kept warm and comfy thanks to the viscose lining’s softness and comfort. It is available in brown. Battlefield 5 Billy Bridger Brown Jacket includes two front waist pockets for storage. It has full length sleeves with exposed hem cuffs. The front of the brown leather Billy Bridger jacket buttons shut. To make it more appealing to wear, it has a collar that looks like a shirt.

The main character and protagonist of the Battlefield single-player is Deme Cisse. In the Battlefield video game for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, he donned this trench coat. This Battlefield 5 Deme Cisse Leather Coat made of leather and has a comfortable viscose lining on the inside. This trench coat has an open hem, belted cuffs, a front opening with buttons, and a Notch Collar for added elegance. Two outside waist and two inner pockets are provided, and the brown leather trench coat has straps on the shoulders. This trench coat may be worn for any event and offers you a sexier appearance in front of others.

The genuine leather used to make this Battlefield 5 Peter Muller Brown Jacket is of the highest caliber. On the inside, there is a soft viscose lining that has been sewn. It seems more appealing because of the dark color. Peter Muller’s leather jacket from Battlefield 5 has a front zipper with a snap tab closure that is extremely attractively branded with the YKK logo. It includes full length sleeves with open hem style cuffs. The waistline belt and shoulder straps are the icing on the cake. It features a collar with notches. This leather jacket will give you a sophisticated vibe.

We constantly keep a close eye on every fashion accessory, whether it has something to do with a video game or a movie. Our online store has everything available. The renowned videogame The Battlefield is beloved by both players and admirers for its lined-up attire. The main character’s name is Nicholas Mendoza. We are offering Nicholas Mendoza Black leather Jacket, which is made of genuine leather, but has a viscose attachment inside for more comfort when dressing. An outerwear item in black with a standup collar, a front zip closure, and full sleeves with ribbed cuffs. The rib cage is supported by the waistline. The distinguishing element of this style is the quilted shoulder pattern.

Genuine leather was used to create the Battlefield 5 Death Dealer Brown Jacket. The jacket is offered in a traditional brown shade that gives it an edgy and fashionable appearance. The Death Dealer Jacket boasts a branded YKK zipper closing and a shirt collar. Soft viscose lining lines the interior of the jacket to provide warmth and comfort. The Battlefield 5 Death Dealer Leather Jacket’s sleeves are long, fitted and have zipper cuffs. The jacket contains two side waist pockets and two chest pockets for storage. The Death Dealer logo is on the back of the jacket. The jacket is popular among fans and in great demand due to its numerous alluring qualities. Due to its high-quality stitching, the Battlefield 5 Death Dealer Leather Jacket is comfortable to wear. The jacket is ideal for Halloween and cosplay.


What are the key features of a battlefield jacket?

Battlefield jackets typically have multiple pockets for storage, durable materials, adjustable cuffs and waistbands, and a front zipper or button closure. They often include a hood or collar for added protection.

What are the primary uses of battlefield jackets?

Battlefield jackets are versatile and can be used for various outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing. They are also suitable for military and law enforcement personnel.

Are battlefield jackets only for military use?

No, battlefield jackets are not exclusively for military use. While they draw inspiration from military uniforms, they have become popular among civilians for their practicality and style.

Are battlefield jackets suitable for cold weather?

Some battlefield jackets are designed for cold weather and may include insulation or a removable lining. However, not all battlefield jackets are ideal for extreme cold, so it’s essential to check the specifications when purchasing one for winter use.